Yoga Poses for Rheumatoid Arthritis (15 mins)  Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy | Clareminded

Yoga Poses for Rheumatoid Arthritis (15 mins) Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy | Clareminded

January 14, 2020 2 By Jose Scott

yoga poses for rheumatoid arthritis hey
guys my name is Clare this is Clareminded and today we are doing a short
yoga sequence specifically for rheumatoid arthritis and this is going
to be caused by inflammation of the joints so this might be good for a pitta
imbalance if you have any of that excess inflammation we’re gonna take a nice
slow and easy we’re gonna rotate our joints out and kind of help reduce that
inflammation so grab a mat, water maybe if you need it and then meet me on
the ground here okay so when you are ready go ahead and hop onto your mat
we’re gonna start in hero’s pose so if we have a block you can totally put this
under your glutes or if not just sitting on your heels so our knees are gonna be
together we’re gonna bring your hands to our laps here sit up nice and tall
relax your shoulders close your eyes for just a moment and
taking the inhale through your nose and a full exhale out just allow your
mind to calm down for just a breath here inhaling I am breathing in exhale I am
breathing out release any tension in your forehead
your jaw inhale and exhale breathe out on your next inhale softly butterfly
your eyes open hello so we are going to focus on some
joint rotations here because we want to release any tension or inflammation that
you have for any of that rheumatoid arthritis or any type of inflammation
that you can have in your joints so we’re gonna start by warming up the
wrists so we’re gonna bring our hands just out to our sides here take a couple
of wrist rotations by rotating them in circles in one direction being nice and controlled here nothing
too fast, you can go as slow as you want to here just be active and aware of each micro
movement that you’re feeling and then switch directions rotate your wrist in
the opposite way creating some circles starting to warm up the wrist releasing
any tension and then opening your hands up palms
facing forward and then exhale them down palms facing down and back. Inhale
reach them up and exhale down almost like you’re coming up for a high five
and then exhaling down for a little back five and again just be nice and control, be aware of the micro movements that are happening here and then palm facing down start to spread
your fingers wide almost like a spider you’re reaching reaching reaching and
exhale clench your fists together. inhale open them up, exhale clench. 4 more.
breathe in, and open stretch stretch stretch exhale clench them together nice and
controlled inhale open open open exhale clench two more breathe in
and breathing out last one open that palm stretch stretch stretch all those
fingers on the exhale clench and it nice okay so reach our arms out in front of
you palms facing inhale open up your chest
reach your hands all the way back and then point your fingertips back to
starting to get into the forearms here lift your chest up nice and gently but
keep your lower belly engaged to remove any arching in the lower spine open your
chest expand the collarbone point those fingertips back inhale and then exhale
cross your left arm on top of your right gave yourself a gentle little bear hug
here so you can grab from the back of your shoulder blade gently rounding your
spine tucking your chin towards your chest exhale your air out.
inhale open your arms open your chest reach your hands all the way back
towards the back of the mat point your fingertips back stretching those forearms here breathing inhale inhale reach your heart lift your chest breathe in
and exhale cross the right arm on top of the left again coming into that gentle
bear hug grabbing for those shoulder blades and then gently rounding and
curling your spine here releasing all that stale air.
inhale release your arms out by your sides this time reach them all the way
up towards the sky lengthen through the side byes and then exhale your hands
down through heart center now we’re gonna flip on over to a
tabletop position so gently coming over on to your hands and knees. Finding a nice strong neutral tabletop to start you can always use a block
underneath your arm so you rest your forearms use and then you can rotate your wrist
that way if it’s comfortable enough you can plant your hands down we want to
strengthen these joints. our shoulders are over our wrists and our hips are over our knees we’re gonna keep our knees
down pull our belly up and in and then just start to shift your weight forward
and back so we’re still stretching the wrist here we’re just shifting our
weight forward and back over our palms gently getting into the forearms and then starting to create micro circles.
rotating towards the right all the way up and down through the left. Just
circle over your wrists here bringing gentle movements you can always do these on your forearms as well. and then switch directions start to
rotate the circles in the opposite direction and pressing your palms in towards the ground.
you want to keep them active. You want to press your finger pads and
your tips down towards ground like the tips of your fingers
start to become white Spider clench. one more time in this direction.
if there’s any tension just go ahead release that for a moment you can squeeze
your hands out for a breath and then coming back towards a tabletop position
this time we’re going to bring the palms in towards one another
so our palms are in towards one another our fingertips are pointing out our
shoulders are still stacked over our wrists in this way we are going to shift
left to right belly engaged here
tips are still over your knees shifting side to side and then again taking those gentle
circles starting one direction using the fingertips back towards the
ground here still switch directions, going
the opposite way then gently sitting your hips
back toward your heels release your hands just give them a gentle squeeze
maybe a wrist rotation or two. release any tension there we wanna build
some strength but also not go too hard again when you’re ready coming back to
the tabletop position our shoulders are over our wrist, a nice
strong alignment coming into birddog we’re going to
straighten our left leg towards the back of our mat and start with our left toes
on the ground here for support if we need it. Or if you’re feeling nice strong
balance we can lift our left leg up so it’s parallel towards the ground
notice how my feet are flexing towards the ground or pointing them you just want attention in your foot. want to rotate that left hip slightly
down to your hips a square towards the earth. if this is comfortable you want to go
further you can start to reach your right hand out towards in front of your
mat really pressing into that left palm you’re squeezing the left fingertips so
they start to turn white on the ground here squeezing
we lengthen through your arm, your leg sending that energy out. inhale, exhale elbow to
knee round and curl your spine bring your elbow into your knee, engage your core. inhale
expand lengthen lengthen lengthen exhale elbow to knee. Round and curl
squeeze that core in. Inhale lengthen, and exhale bring your hand and knee back
towards the mat. Shift your hips side to side releasing any tension swaying your hands left right forward
and back and then coming back to that neutral
tabletop and we’re switching it over towards the other sides starting with
our shoulders over our writs, hips over our knees. This time taking it on the right leg we’re
gonna keep our right leg out towards the back of the mat toe starting down on the
ground this is okay and you want to go further you can lift your right leg up
so it’s parallel with the earth right toes are active
down into your palms here pores engaged right hit the square
towards the Earth then start to reach that left arm forward inhale
lengthen through both sides. Keep the
lower belly engage pressing that right palm squeeze those right fingertips
inhale expand, lengthen exhale elbow to knee, round and curl
squeezing that core here nice and strong. Inhale expand lengthen exhale elbow to knee inhale reach reach and reach in opposite
direction exhale your hand and knee back
down towards the ground sit your hips back
and again sway your arms forward and back releasing
here and then on your next inhale shift your
weight back on forward this time we’re going to bring our forearms down
towards the ground so our forms are going to be in the
shape of a number 11 you’re going to step our feet back coming into a forearm plank. We press our palms down and towards the ground. Our hips stay lifted we don’t want
them down too low but we don’t want them up too high. We want them engaged
and lifted in line with our shoulders keep your gaze down to protect your
neck we’re pressing into those forearms shoulders are over our wrists here our
heels are lifted over our toes nice and strong
breathing in building strain exhale breathing out Nice. One more breath. moving into dolphin pose we’re going to keep our forearms on the ground but we’re starting to pike our hips up towards a the sky. we’re walking our toes towards our face we want to keep pressing into a
forearms so shoulders stay over our elbows. sending your hips up wherever
is comfortable really pressing into those forearms here
your palms, sending those hips up and they’re dropping your heels down towards
the ground and then on your exhale bring your knees
outside towards the edge of the map big toes together wide legged Child’s Pose
drop your hips down towards your heels reach your arms nice and long in front
of you forearms down your forehead On your next inhale shift your
weight onto your palms, untuck your toes exhale downward facing dog send
your hips up towards the sky. If this is too much on your wrist you
can always come on down to your forearms Press into your palms
in towards the earth send your hips up and then drop your heels down towards
the ground. Start to lengthen the spine here and you want to bring that
eyes of your elbows closer towards the sky inhale and on your exhale start to walk
your hands back towards your feet here coming into a forward fold
release your head and your neck, bend your knees and just allow yourself hang
heavy release your head and your neck you can grab for opposite elbows. Coming back through center, release your hands down. start to walk your hands
towards the front of your mat downward facing dog is where we go
pressing into your palms dropping your heels down towards the earth lengthening
your spine and rotating your shoulders out away
from your ears. one full breath in, one full exhale out and on your exhale bring your knees back
down towards the ground edge of the mat big toes together wide legged child’s pose.
reaching your hands and then relaxing your forearms down towards the ground walk your hands back towards
the center of your body coming back to the center of your mat
bring your hands together giving thanks to your practice and your body thank you
for being here thanks for joining guys again my name is
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