Tout savoir sur les STEROIDES et les HORMONES STEROIDIENNES en moins de 5 minutes

March 8, 2020 0 By Jose Scott

Hello everyone I hope you go
alright today I’m going to talk to you of a group of hormones highly prized by
the big sportsmen, the hormones steroids also called steroids.
Know that steroids are called so because they contain in their
chemical formula a nucleus called sterols. We find in this group of
steroids cholesterol, vitamin D and hormones
steroid. So these hormones are mainly released by the organs
genitalia in men and women as well as by the placenta and
adrenal corticosteroids endocrine glands that are just right
above the kidneys. Glands endocrines are simply
glands capable of releasing and secrete hormones that are
chemical messengers through the blood. he be aware that hormones
steroidal drugs are divided into several groups we find estrogen,
androgens of which the testosterone and other anabolic
as well as progestins where one found progesterone and glucocorticoids like cortisol. The steroid hormones belonging to
estrogen group of the testosterone as well as progesterone
enable the establishment and development of the genitals at
man and woman. The glucocorticoids also called
corticosteroids such as cortisol intervene in the proper functioning
of the immune system, metabolisms carbohydrates and proteins. They play
also an important role in inflammatory reaction. I did
previously a video about corticosteroids,
I advise you to watch for learn a little more about it.
So the steroid hormones belonging to the group of androgens
like for example testosterone and its Derivatives are very popular with
sportsmen because they mainly have a role of anabolic, ie
that they will promote the construction and the establishment of muscles. They
also reduce mass oily, to promote recovery
after the effort and to increase the capacity
physical. I still want you inform that the consumption of
steroids such as testosterone as well that its derivatives can be very dangerous
for our health simply because she’s going
to promote the appearance of diseases cardiovascular cancer, as per
example, prostate cancer, problems with the liver as well as
aggression, nervousness and a masculinization in women.
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