The Amputation Team at the Institute for Limb Preservation – Dr. David Hahn

January 15, 2020 0 By Jose Scott

– 20 years ago, if you had an amputation you essentially had one foot in the grave and it was like well that’s too bad, you have to have your leg amputated. And now you’re gonna be in a wheelchair and you’re just not going
to be functional, sorry. And now we look at it as though we are going to do an amputation and our goal is to return you to your previous level of activity where you are as normal as possible. And we have prosthetists,
we have therapists, physical therapists,
occupational therapists, rehabilitation doctors. We have a whole team that
will work to returning you to this previous state. So it’s not just, we’re
gonna amputate your leg and then send you out to the
woods to take a long walk. Now we’re gonna get you to the point where you can get back to where you before and be very functional and have very little, if any discomfort, and just really return
you to a better life.