Tech Tips with John: Inserting a Trustep Into a Foot Shell

January 26, 2020 0 By Jose Scott

– Oh, thank you though. We appreciate you way more. Thank you, bye. Oh, hey guys. Glad you’re here. It’s me, John, from the
technical service department, here at College Park Industries. I wanted to talk to you about something. This Trustep foot gets a bad rep for being hard to put in
this foot shell, here. But you know what? It’s true, it is hard. I did this for a lot of years,
I built a lot of these feet and I put a lot of them
into this foot shell. So, you know what? I figured out some ways to
make it a little bit easier and I wanna share those with you, for free. It’s ’cause I’m a nice guy like that. So what do you say we
head out to the floor and I’ll show you how to do it? What do you think? All right, here we are, out on the production
floor at College Park. What we’ve got here is a sturdy table, we’ve got a nice vice
mounted to that table, we’ve got some soft jaws here in our vice. Very important, you’ve gotta have these. Then we’ve got a foot
horn securely in the vice, mounted upside down so the
curve is pointing down, here, ’cause this groove is really gonna help us get that foot into the
footshell, so this is key. Make sure this is in here good, okay? Or you will hit yourself in the face. But the whole thing about
stuffing a foot into a foot shell is stretching this open. That’s what we wanna do,
is stretch this opening so it makes it easier
for the foot to slide in, so that’s why we have
this set up, right here. Now, we’ve got our foot, which is pushed pretty much all the way into the foot shell already,
just up to that lip, here. Now we’re gonna take it, slide
it into our foot horn, here. Don’t let the foot move. Keep it right where it’s at, and maneuver it around
so that now the heel is in the groove, here, of the foot horn. And now, what we’re going to do is slide it out a little bit, lean into the foot shell
to stretch that opening out and then we’re gonna squeeze
the foot in at the same time, and that’s all there is to it. So lean down and squeeze in. See that? And then always push it on the table to make sure it’s in there all the way. Now you can see we have a
little bit of a lip here, but we can go around with the
foot horn and fix that up. (playful piano music)