Tech Knowledge Episode 3 – Liberation

October 8, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

hey everyone I’m Lorena and I just heard
about a really cool life-changing health technology for people living with
diabetes let’s check it out okay it’s might hurt a little bit but
give it a try oh I’m just kidding but that really
didn’t feel good why are we even doing this it’s unfortunate but that’s what
people with diabetes have to do to manage their glucose and sometimes up to
10 times a day I can’t imagine no it’s really hard to
think about what that would be like and we simply have to make this process
better for people so how does a free style Libre make the process less
painful well there’s a new type of sensor that you can wear on your upper
arm instead of doing all those fingersticks I’m actually wearing one right
now no way Wow is it painful at all nope I can’t really over there and it’s
measuring my glucose constantly so here’s an example you can hold on to
it’s not a needle it’s just a flexible filament and the way you get that data
off of the sensor is by using this reader just scan the sensor and in one
second you can get your current glucose value okay a trend arrow which is
telling you where your glucose is going and the last eight hours of your glucose
history which is way more than you would ever get by just doing those finger
sticks author a sensor all from the sensor incredible we’re working on a
mobile app just take your phone and instead of the reader use your mobile
app to read the sensor that data can be shared with other apps or other programs
that you’re using or that your doctor may be using to manage your diabetes it
really comes back to anything we can do to help a person with diabetes live a
better life on their terms that’s exactly what we want to be doing
hey you’re changing the future of diabetes management that was a freestyle
libri mind-blowing technology that’s changing the future of healthcare follow
me to see what’s next