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Compression therapy after amputation

Compression therapy after amputation One important step towards a prosthetic fitting is compression therapy. How does it work and how it helps? We’ll show you! Hi, I am Manali and I am a physiotherapist. I am here at the Ottobock clinic in Mumbai. Your physician usually determines the starting point of your compression therapy. It…

By Jose Scott January 20, 2020 1

How to Make Your Fish Grow Faster

Hey everyone, Steve Poland here, and if you’re like me, one of the most enjoyable parts of the aquarium hobby is buying juvenile fish and watching them grow. But do you ever wish those fish would grow a little bit faster? I know I do. So this week I’m going to share 3 easy ways…

By Jose Scott January 19, 2020 43

The Bad of Corticosteroids | Johns Hopkins

(gentle music) – The human body is very familiar with the consequences of prednisone because naturally your body makes the equivalent, which is called cortisol. In fact, your body is so knowledgeable about the consequences of too much prednisone that it has an extremely tight system to prevent your adrenal gland from making and secreting…

By Jose Scott January 19, 2020 1