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Non-Hormonal Birth Control Options

Non-hormonal birth controls, take two. [SOUND] Hey everyone, it’s me Hallease. I am back with another ClueVoices video, this time we are talking about non-hormonal birth controls. Let me first say that with all of these non-hormonal birth controls, having conversations with the person that you’re intimate with is important. So let’s get the first…

By Jose Scott February 4, 2020 26

Hormones, A New Approach

So, what we know is that you’re having hot flashes or any hormonal type symptoms or peri-menopause or any of that age bracket that did not go well for you. Either you currently do or you previously had a hormone dysfunction Because I have a brand new test kit, that is actually the hormone testing…

By Jose Scott January 30, 2020 0

Stress Management for Hormone Balance

A question I often ask my clients is what do you do for stress management and the typical response is not much. A fast-paced stressful life is what most of us have come to accept as daily life. During the child-rearing years women are juggling kids, a household and often even a job. They put…

By Jose Scott January 13, 2020 0