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World-first hypertension treatment a success

Around 1/3 of the adult population are affected by hypertension so it is a big problem. Within that group around 10% of those patients have what we refer to as resistant hypertension, which means that the blood pressure cannot be controlled despite lifestyle modification and medications. We all have a very tiny little organised sensor,…

By Jose Scott September 10, 2019 0

“Managing the Unmanageable: New Treatment Options for Pulmonary Hypertension” – Karla’s Story

(calming music) She went down the hall of the offices and she said, “They’re admitting Karla! They’re admitting Karla!” (laughter) So everybody was very supportive, they came to see me. “What happened?” “I don’t know,” it just happened. My name is Karla Starckovich I’m from Parnell, Iowa, which is down by Williamsburg and I work…

By Jose Scott September 7, 2019 2

Hot Line IV Hypertension

JESSUP: Hi, I’m Mariell Jessup from the American Heart Association, and I’m here with our president of the American Heart Association, Mark Creager. We’re in London, not so sunny today, at the European Society of Cardiology. We’re very interested and excited about so much that’s been presented at the Hot Line trials. I believe, Mark,…

By Jose Scott September 6, 2019 0