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HBA1C Diabetes Blood Test

How do we really look at people’s blood sugars and know what is going on? Well for most people they will do finger prick testing and they might check their blood sugars in the morning or throughout the day and that gives them a clear indication of what their blood sugar is. But the problem…

By Jose Scott November 5, 2019 0

Balancing Blood Sugars with Protein Snacks

One of the main things that I’d like to talk about is balancing the blood sugars; whether you’re in a place of stress where you’re releasing cortisol and your blood sugars are fluctuating and you’re having that craving that you have to eat right away and that shakiness or whether you’re having insulin resistance or…

By Jose Scott November 5, 2019 0

Diabetes and Sugar

Sugar- should I or shouldn’t I? I get this question from people with diabetes and also people who are friends or relatives of people with diabetes. They’ve asked me, can or should someone who has diabetes eat sugar. Here’s the deal- there’s only two reasons someone with diabetes should be eating sugar. Reason number one,…

By Jose Scott November 2, 2019 1