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BẢO KHÁM PHÁ #71: Trở về cuộc sống bình dị mà nhiều người phải mong ước, bắt ong rừng, đi rẫy với bố

Welcome, you continue your journey today Along storm TV stations returned the simple life in rural rustic Vinh Yen Photo father and his mysterious forest, but little known that the same security you discover nhé Dear All current dental hours are This morning weekend Prepared to arrest him and told Will not Go Direct TV…

By Jose Scott April 6, 2020 4

The Truth About Cloroquine and Zithromax

OK, let’s have a conversation about a possible treatment for some corona virus patients. I really want to do this carefully because unfortunately, thanks to Donald Trump, this is being propagandized incorrectly by both sides. People on both sides of the political spectrum. And the truth is that almost no one is telling the truth,…

By Jose Scott March 27, 2020 100

Can Ketones Feed Cancer?

I had a question from someone that wanted to know can a ketone feed cancer okay we know about glucose and glutamine but what about ketones okay so I basically contacted professor Seyfried Thomas Seyfried and I asked him this question and I’m going to be doing this video based on what he told me…

By Jose Scott March 23, 2020 9