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A Scientifically Accurate, Life-Sized Dinosaur Model

At some point, we’ve all wondered what dinosaurs actually looked like – especially their color patterns. Were they solid? Striped? Dappled? Covered in polka-dots? Many people thought we could never know for sure, but research published this week revealed what might be the most accurate dinosaur reconstruction ever made… And it’s particularly well-camouflaged for life…

By Jose Scott November 13, 2019 100

Watsons | Living with Diabetes Episode 2

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the second episode of Sweet Talk with Watsons.I’m Samantha PurvorAnd I’m Dr. Sheryl TugnaAnd as I’ve mentioned, it is the second episodeso we are going to be more in-depth with diabetes.So first we are going to discuss the types,then the complications that come along with diabetes,as well as better managing your…

By Jose Scott November 13, 2019 0

AOA Diabetes Guideline Podcast

The AOA’s evidence-based optometry committee released the second edition of its clinical practice guideline eye care of the patient with diabetes mellitus which was first published in 2014. With us is Dr. David Masihdas, co-chair of the development group for the second edition of the AOA guideline and also with us is Dr. Lori Grover,…

By Jose Scott November 12, 2019 0