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AOA Diabetes Guideline Podcast

The AOA’s evidence-based optometry committee released the second edition of its clinical practice guideline eye care of the patient with diabetes mellitus which was first published in 2014. With us is Dr. David Masihdas, co-chair of the development group for the second edition of the AOA guideline and also with us is Dr. Lori Grover,…

By Jose Scott November 12, 2019 0

Dr. David Sinclair on Informational Theory of Aging, Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, Resveratrol & More

[Rhonda]: Welcome back, my fellow “FoundMyFitness” longevity fanatics. Today is a treat. My guest is Dr. David Sinclair, a professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School where he researches and tries to understand the biological mechanisms that regulate the aging process and how to slow them. I can’t think of a more…

By Jose Scott November 11, 2019 100

Stossel: Tulsi Gabbard (Full Interview)

I recently sat down with presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. This is the full interview. If you have a short attention span like I do you can check out the six-minute version we posted on JohnStossel.com. But the entire interview is interesting, so here it is. We started on an area where we agree: endless wars.…

By Jose Scott November 11, 2019 0