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Aldosterone in insulin resistance

When you’re insulin resistant, that is, you’ve got metabolic syndrome, pretty much every chemical in the body is NOT QUITE RIGHT. Some are up. Some are down. Few are actually at physiologically NORMAL levels. Traditionally the focus is on the big guns. Sugar, insulin and cholesterol. In this series, we take a look at some…

By Jose Scott January 19, 2020 3

Resting membrane potential – definition, examples

Each cell in the human body is wrapped in a membrane that separates the inner environment and outer environment, and positively and negatively charged ions aren’t equally distributed on both sides of the membrane. Fundamentally, it’s these differences in concentration and charge as well as permeability across the membrane that establishes the cell’s resting membrane…

By Jose Scott November 24, 2019 58

Soldiers and Hypertension

now here’s your pentagon travel labeled as a silent killer hypertension affects a significant number of soldiers according to the department defenses two thousand eight survey of health-related behaviors the survey shows approximately seventeen percent of soldiers have reported high blood pressure since they entered the army era number of causes genetics plays a role…

By Jose Scott October 24, 2019 0