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Insulin Preparations | Pharmacology | Medi tutorials

Insulin preparation Insulin is a small protein containg two polypeptide chain connected by disulfide bonds. key points: *Insulin can be exists as- monomer, dimer, hexamer. *It is stored in the granules of pancreatic B-cell. *Monomer is the biological active form of insulin. *Molecular weight of insulin is 5808. Now Insulin Preparation : *Rapid acting insulin.…

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Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Video

Right, pay attention because in this short video we are going to be talking about Type 1 Diabetes. This is your pancreas and it does a great job of keeping you alive however sometimes it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. If you experience the following four symptoms what we conveniently call the four T’s…

By Jose Scott August 15, 2019 1