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Treating Hot Flashes Caused by Hormone Therapy

Hi, I’m Dr. Scholz. A common question we get at the PCRI is, “How do you manage hot flashes from hormonal therapy?” Hot flashes from hormone therapy—hormone therapy being the most commonly used systemic medicine for prostate cancer—are a very common problem. They’re not universal though. About a third of men that are on these…

By Jose Scott January 8, 2020 0

iGEM 2012 Tuebingen: Hormones and their effects on fish

We want to uncover the influence of hormones on aquatic life forms. Hormone waste originates from birth control pills, medical waste and extensive farming. Nearly unfiltered by sewage treatment plants these active substances disturb sex development. Fish and spawn are constantly exposed to this harming environment. Male fish become less fertile and develop female sex…

By Jose Scott December 26, 2019 0

Female Hormone Imbalances: Blood Sugar

– Hi folks, Dr. Ed Beyer. Today we’re discussing the underlying causes to female hormone imbalances. I’ve been in practice 30 years. I’ve practiced functional medicine, and I have had hundreds and hundreds of females come to me with all the symptoms of female hormone imbalances, weight gain, fatigue, PMS symptoms, migraine headaches, anxiety, poor…

By Jose Scott September 5, 2019 0