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National Rural Health Day Webinar: Rural Clinics’ Role in Hypertension and Diabetes Management

[Begins mid-sentence] office manual that we created and learning opportunities such as this webinar. Since tomorrow is National Rural Health Day it’s an annual opportunity to focus on the unique challenges and opportunities related to health care in rural communities. So this webinar is intended to highlight a successful state partnership between the primary care…

By Jose Scott October 28, 2019 0

Can Stress Affect My Blood Sugar Levels?

– Blood sugar levels can be affected by several things, and stress is one of those. The cortisol levels that increase with stress actually increase the blood sugar level as well. And so when we’re stressed or when we’re sick and our body is stressed, or our immune system is really having to work hard,…

By Jose Scott October 19, 2019 0

Managing Type 1 Diabetes: Nate’s Story

When our pediatrician gave us the pretty formal diagnosis it was gut-wrenching. What kind of challenges he would face you know and our family would face for the rest of his life. Nate was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in January of 2013. He had been sick for a few weeks. Just with internet searches,…

By Jose Scott September 6, 2019 0