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HIV and AIDS – explained in a simple way

We explain HIV and AIDS. The human immune system defends the body against illnesses all the time. It uses guards in the blood called T-cells to recognize any intruders and destroy them. But instead of attacking the body, the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, attacks those T-cells themselves. It turns them into copy machines to…

By Jose Scott February 21, 2020 19

COPD (& Emphysema) Explained Clearly – Pathophysiology & Treatment

Welcome to another MedCram lecture. We’re going to talk about emphysema today, otherwise known as C.O.P.D. It seems as all these diseases have abbreviations in medicine. This one is “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.” What is C.O.P.D.? It’s a common preventable and treatable lung disease and the typical symptoms that you’ll see in patients with emphysema…

By Jose Scott August 4, 2019 100