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How to Make the Metabolic Switch

Most people in the standard American diet become obese not so much because of what they eat but when they eat it. Three meals a day are bound to keep you in a metabolism that requires food intake for energy. Let me show you how you can break away from this vicious cycle and begin…

By Jose Scott January 21, 2020 2

Hormonal Balance – Safe and Effective Supplements

Nick: Hello! We’re going to talk about some important issues regarding bioidentical hormones. I’m Dr. Nick Delgado. I’m with Dr. Michael Grossman, MD with BodyLogic, a practitioner and expert in hormonal replacement. One last question, Dr. Michael Grossman, you’ve been in the field of nutritional integrative therapy for a number of years. You’ve looked at…

By Jose Scott January 7, 2020 0