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Affinity Nutrition: Northeast Louisiana’s Answer for Nutritional Needs

Welcome to Affinity Nutrition Services! We provide nutritional counseling for preventive care and medical nutrition therapy for pediatric, adult, and senior clients. Instead of letting dietary challenges hold our patients back, we encourage them to be creative and work within their limitations to develop a healthy lifestyle of clean eating and physical activity. Our registered…

By Jose Scott April 1, 2020 0

Will Fasting Help You Lose Weight?

– [Dr Soni] What about people with certain medical conditions? – [Melina] Yeah – Obviously, I’m thinking about people with diabetes, or this obviously wouldn’t be as tenable. But I’m just curious if there any, any specific concerns people should keep in mind. – [Melina] You know, you bring up a great point because actually…

By Jose Scott March 30, 2020 10

Is it safe to take creatine when nursing?

Jennifer Dunlap says, “In my mid-30s while nursing my toddler, I have not got back the energy I had while nursing previous children, and my muscles feel fatigued much of the time in spite of sufficient protein, calories, multivitamin, collagen, CoQ10. After listening to the creatine podcast, I began supplementing 5 grams per day. This…

By Jose Scott March 14, 2020 2