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theZoomer Season 7, Ep. 22: Arthritis

[intense orchestral music] [typing] [intense orchestral music] [typing] [intense orchestral music] [typing] – So I’m gonna talk about what is mental health, about aging in mental health, about arthritis pain and mental health. – The face of my patients have changed, primarily to 55 plus because people are seeking medical Cannabis to help manage their…

By Jose Scott March 25, 2020 1

Give First Aid for an Amputated Finger

Would you know what to do if somebody had their hand shut in a card door If their finger was amputated and came off or If they’ve seriously hurt their hand Today, I’m going to talk to you about all those things. So I’m Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life and Onlinefirstaid.com If somebody…

By Jose Scott March 14, 2020 2