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Couples get real about dating and HIV

>>My mother would not be be proud of me.>>I said Picasso so if that gives you any——>>Hahaha >Haha>>I’m Breklyn Bertozzi. >>Ashley Murphy.>>My name is Eka. >>and I’m Tristan.>>We met organically, like every gay does, on Grindr.>>We met at York. >>Yes.>>During Frosh Week.>>I tried to like sneak by her, but then she spoke to me, and…

By Jose Scott February 5, 2020 13

Dee’s HIV story

Knowing that, as someone living with HIV, you can’t transmit the virus once you’re undetectable, like that’s a big deal. It’s a huge deal. It’s a huge breakthrough in HIV science. I’m Dee. I am Romanian and I also identify as non-binary, which means that I don’t feel fully male or fully female, but I…

By Jose Scott February 1, 2020 0

A Guide to BTS: War of Hormone Era

Hello everybody, whats up? I have a two hour delay at school so i’m taking advantage of that and starting this video, and speaking of the video today we’ll be talking about the War of Hormone era, but really it was kind of just a concept change, because after Danger they began promoting War of…

By Jose Scott January 15, 2020 100