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#3 Beating Hormonal Imbalance & Hashimoto NATURALLY | With Nancy Tolan & Functional Medicine

hello everyone and welcome to another amazing functional medicine healing journey episode I am Dani Banai and I’m a functional medicine certified health coach my mission is to make the world healthier place through Nancy amazing healing journey you will discover the inspirational way she went from the most severe midlife health crisis symptoms where…

By Jose Scott February 7, 2020 2

Low progesterone symptoms: How your menstrual cycle hormones may be causing anxiety and depression

Hi, I’m Dr Janelle Sinclair. In today’s video we’re going to discuss low progesterone symptoms. I’ll first give you an understanding of the menstrual cycle, explain low progesterone symptoms as well as estrogen dominance, and how these hormones could be causing your depression and anxiety. This is highly relevant to women with PMS and PMDD.…

By Jose Scott January 6, 2020 34