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मुद्रा द्वारा सर्वाइकल स्पॉन्डिलाइटिस और पीठ दर्द को करे ठीक

This is called Sky Posture ( Vayu Mudra). Place the tip of the index finger at the base of the thumb and keep other three fingers simply straight. As much as air related disease in the body Air has many diseases cervical spondylosis Back pain Slip disc Belch comes Knee pain Joint pain Paralysis Doing…

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“Please Amputate My Size 16 Foot”

00:01 JEFFREY: I believe that having the amputation on my foot, would help me walk, move myself around. Be able to wear shoes again. It’s not easy, I’m sorry. 00:21 COMM: 26-year-old Jeffrey Ortega has a condition called proteus syndrome, which affects only two hundred people in the world. It’s character used by overgrowth of…

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How to Improve Blood Circulation

How to Improve Blood Circulation. Tingling or cold feet or hands, bluish skin, and cuts or wounds that take a long time to heal are all indicative of circulatory problems. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, there are steps you can take to improve your circulation. You will need Exercise Water Healthy foods…

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