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Increase Gut Bacteria Diversity: Here’s How

so I want to talk about how to increase the diversity of your gut microbiome or friendly bacteria now why would you want to do that because the more diversified your microbes are the more benefit you’re going to have with insulin resistance weight loss reducing inflammation reducing allergies strengthening your immune system and increasing…

By Jose Scott April 1, 2020 83

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS | what I eat every week

– You’ve probably noticed by now that most of my recipes are veggie heavy and prioritize fresh, wholesome ingredients except for my deserts and that’s because after four autoimmune diagnosis, I’ve learned how to really nourish my body with simple, anti-inflammatory foods. So what exactly are anti-inflammatory foods? They’re just ones that have been well-studied…

By Jose Scott March 2, 2020 100

Lifestyle factors that affect Alzheimer’s risk for APOE4 carriers | Peter Attia

[Rhonda]: There’s a huge, huge component for lifestyle in risk for Alzheimer’s disease, particularly with having an ApoE4 allele, and that’s where I’ve become obsessed. You know, I’ve been looking at mechanism but also looking at the epi studies. Looking at epidemiology, you see certain lifestyle factors for example, drinking. If you’re drinking in your…

By Jose Scott January 31, 2020 2