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About Diabetes & Nutrition : Amputation & Diabetes

Well diabetes has a significant negative effect on circulation. It reduces blood flow. It reduces the ability of the body to get nutrients to the cells and if the cells are starving for nutrients, then they’re going to die. It significantly impairs thinking and cognition because it affects circulation to the brain. The other way…

By Jose Scott January 10, 2020 0

Hormonal Balance – Safe and Effective Supplements

Nick: Hello! We’re going to talk about some important issues regarding bioidentical hormones. I’m Dr. Nick Delgado. I’m with Dr. Michael Grossman, MD with BodyLogic, a practitioner and expert in hormonal replacement. One last question, Dr. Michael Grossman, you’ve been in the field of nutritional integrative therapy for a number of years. You’ve looked at…

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“How To Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain” – Fast Arthritis Pain Relief. Easy Energy Therapy – Try It Now.

This Quick 10 Minute Video Shows You How To Easily Heal Arthritis Pain, Naturally… So Why Would Even Your Best Friend Keep It A Secret? Welcome, friend… Nigel Normanton here, from Yorkshire, England… Millions of people have already stopped their suffering with this unique new energy therapy… Now in this short video, you can try…

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