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Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont

Translator: Giedrė Kasparaitytė Reviewer: Denise RQ Today, I’d like to talk about turning around an epidemic. One hundred million Americans right now do have either diabetes or pre-diabetes, and that puts them at risk for amputations, for heart disease, for blindness. and we’re exporting this epidemic overseas. The word “epidemic” comes from Old Greek: ‘epi’…

By Jose Scott August 9, 2019 100

Diabetes Diet Guidelines : Exercise Guidelines for Diabetes Patients

Hi, I’m Brenda Thompson, registered dietitian and owner of Life Skills Nutrition. In this segment I’m going to talk about exercise in diabetes. Physical activity is recommended for all American’s, it is especially important for those who have diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recommends getting thirty minutes of exercise five days a week. Exercise regimen…

By Jose Scott August 7, 2019 2