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Exercise as a treatment for depression via suppression of inflammation | Charles Raison

– [Charles]: The reason that depression is associated with increased inflammation is because there’s a subgroup of depressed people that have elevated inflammation, and they’re different than depressed people that don’t. This is the work of my mentor, Andy Miller, in the last five or seven years. They’ve just been world leader showing that if…

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Diabetes, Insulin aur Hum

Oh no! This shirt would get dirty. Dude! you know what you are doing, right? Dr. Conscience (PhD in condescension) Now what is your problem? I think you have forgotten! Might have to remind you. *to the audience* You listen as well! The issue is, that everything we eat is mostly composed of 3 major…

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Living a healthy lifestyle. There are physical and mental benefits related to living a way of life. It is no miracle that visits to the doctor have increased in an alarming speed with people living a hectic and underway of life. The human body is a machine that takes exercise on a daily basis, nutrition…

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