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Sweat-Based Glucose Sensing and Transdermal Drug Delivery | Dae-Hyeong Kim | TEDxKFAS

Translator: Jhohans Beltran Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs Hello everyone, my name is Dae-Hyeong Kim from Seoul National University, and today, I will talk about sweat-based glucose sensing and transdermal drug delivery. Let me first briefly introduce diabetes. Diabetes is caused by high glucose concentration in the blood, which is called as hyperglycemia. That high glucose concentration…

By Jose Scott December 27, 2019 0

How Your Mindset Can Improve Your IELTS Score

– Hi everyone, Chris here from IELTS Advantage. And today we have another success story, Abul, who is going to take you through how he was able to successfully get the scores that he needed on the IELTS test. And interestingly, Abul is a doctor, specializing in helping people with diabetes. And before the video…

By Jose Scott December 19, 2019 0