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Dawn Phenomenon and T1D Liver Dump

Hey everyone, this is Levi with Between Two Lines. I’m going to start this one off with a giveaway. This Carhartt beanie is up for grabs. I know what you’re thinking. It’s the most beautiful beanie I’ve ever seen in my life and it could be yours. To be entered into the drawing all you…

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NCLEX Question Review – NPH Insulin

Hello guys welcome again to another NCLEX question review. Today a client is taking Humulin NPH insulin daily every morning the nurse instructs the client that the most likely time for hypoglycemic reaction to occur is: Option A ) Two to four hours after administration, option B) 4 to 12 hours after administration, option C)…

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இந்த செடி சக்கரை வியாதியை விரட்டும் | How To Grow Insulin Plant in home for Diabetics

Welcome to Homemaker360 in today’s video we gonna be seeing a interesting plant which helps to control diabetic its called as insulin plant ,come let us see the plant this is called as insulin plant which helps to control blood sugar level leaf of this plant will be very soft and looks like a mango…

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