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Earhier Yacon Syrup | News Feature | Sikkim Chronicle | Diabetes Cure Tips

Hello Viewers! Welcome to Sikkim Chronicle. In today’s health edition, We are going to be speaking about lifestyle diseases, These diseases are due to multiple factors related to physical and mental factors. and non communicable diseases like heart, obesity & diabetes are lifestyle diseases. Today, while talking about lifestyle diseases in Sikkim, Earthier’s Yacon Syrup…

By Jose Scott September 9, 2019 0

What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

– Hi, I’m Dr. Huhn, and I want to explain what Type 2 diabetes is. Generally Type 2 begins in adulthood. Preceding Type 2 diabetes a person is generally going through several years of insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance, as it’s officially called. Going back to the concept of insulin being the key that’s…

By Jose Scott September 3, 2019 0

Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

good evening and welcome to our fifth installment in our series user manual for humans so tonight we’ll have another good talk we’re going to get it’s good material to cover and a lot of times people don’t really understand what what health is about or why it matters or… they may feel fine they’re…

By Jose Scott September 1, 2019 13