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The Science of HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS has taken the lives of over 39 million people worldwide, despite our efforts to prevent, treat and better understand it. But with 35 million people currently infected, what exactly is it, and are we close to a cure? To contract HIV, the virus must enter the bloodstream – and it’s often transmitted from infected…

By Jose Scott January 21, 2020 100

PostCare™ Diabetes Center: Injecting Insulin

This program will demonstrate injecting insulin. The goal is to inject the insulin into the subcutaneous tissue between the top layer of the skin, the dermis and the underlying muscle layer. The only concentration of insulin available in the United States is 100 units per milliliter. A milliliter is equal to a cubic centimeter. All…

By Jose Scott January 19, 2020 0

Insulin Synthesis and Secretion

This is the first video under the series Insulin and Diabetes Mellitus. Through this video, we will know how is insulin synthesized and how is it secreted from the beta cells Pancreas gland has exocrine acini and endocrine islet Insulin is secreted from the beta cells of pancreas situated at the centre of islet. Alpha…

By Jose Scott January 16, 2020 6