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How to Test Your Blood Sugar

Many Canadians need to test their blood sugar levels every day. This video will show you how to: Prepare to test your blood sugar level, Lance your finger and draw blood for testing and to use your blood sugar meter. Part 1: Preparing to test your blood sugar level: To test your blood sugar level,…

By Jose Scott August 18, 2019 0

Diabetes symptoms-Do Not Ignore These 10 Early Symptoms of Diabetes

People with type-1 diabetes are prone to build up of ketoacidosis people with type 2 diabetes can lead to potentially deadly condition early symptoms of increased blood sugar include: Frequent peeing increased thirst increased hunger Fatigue-weak and tired feeling weightloss high blood sugar can cause urinary track infections, yeast infections dry skin blurred vision slow…

By Jose Scott August 5, 2019 1