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முடக்கு வாதம் (Arthritis) வராமல் தடுக்கும் காய்கறிகள் | Dr.Radhakrishnan | LiveRight Ayurveda

Welcome to LiveRight Ayurveda – All about Health and Wellness! Hello all, previously we saw videos about knee pain There are many reasons that we get joint pain, body pain Current lifestyle is also a major problem Lets see how we can prevent us from body pain, joint pain and knee pain with help of…

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Rheumatoid Arthritis | primary cause of death in ra

What’s the primary cause of death in patients with rheumatoid arthritis…next Cardiovascular disease remains leading cause of mortality among patients with RA From Healio, results of a recently published study identified cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death among patients with rheumatoid arthritis in São Paulo, Brazil, and highlighted infectious disease as an emerging…

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We Are Undefeatable: Meena’s story

My husband always says to me, because you’re moody, go for a swim? Some days it’s unbearable, some days it’s okay. I’m either taking loads of tablets or trying not to take pain killers. It’s like a real sharpness with your knees, you just want to hit your knees with a hammer or something. I…

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Remedies for Arthritis and Pain in Knee

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