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Insulin: What School Staff Need To Know

Insulin: What school staff need to know Glucose, or sugar, is an essential source of energy for our bodies, and most of it comes from the foods we eat. Insulin is a hormone that allows our body’s cells to turn glucose into energy. A healthy pancreas constantly releases insulin to keep blood sugar levels in…

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What Is HIV?

Sure, I’ll download this program from an unknown source. It’s free. [COMPUTER WARBLING] Oh my gosh! What’s going on? My laptop is frozen. My antivirus is down? Ah! My computer is infected! Hello, and welcome to the greatest game show on television, True Or False! With your host, Dr. Pill. Good evening, everybody. Today’s subject…

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ManageBGL Virtual Insulin Pump

Hi, my name is Simon Carter, and I’ve been living with Type-1 diabetes for 24-years, and my 9-year old also has Type-1 diabetes. Basically I know what it means to live with diabetes on a daily basis. I have one single mission in my life and that’s to make the lives of diabetes sufferers everywhere…

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