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Living With BIID: I Want To Cut Off My Leg

NICK O’HALLORAN: Leg – I’d like it to be amputated, that’s what I perceive to be my end goal. NICK O’HALLORAN: BIID is shortened for Body Integrity Identity Disorder and which is a condition where the brain doesn’t recognise an aspect of the body. For me, the map stops on the right leg, three inches…

By Jose Scott February 17, 2020 0


– Hi! ♪ Stump kitchen, stump kitchen ♪ ♪ Gluten-Free, vegan eats, stumptastic treats ♪ – Welcome to Stump Kitchen. – Welcome. (Alexis laughing) – We’re gonna paint some things, but like, we gotta fill– – We’re going to attempt to paint some things. (laughs) – We really, really are. Daniel is an artist. A…

By Jose Scott February 7, 2020 0