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Living With BIID: I Want To Cut Off My Leg

NICK O’HALLORAN: Leg – I’d like it to be amputated, that’s what I perceive to be my end goal. NICK O’HALLORAN: BIID is shortened for Body Integrity Identity Disorder and which is a condition where the brain doesn’t recognise an aspect of the body. For me, the map stops on the right leg, three inches…

By Jose Scott February 17, 2020 0

“Please Amputate My Size 16 Foot”

00:01 JEFFREY: I believe that having the amputation on my foot, would help me walk, move myself around. Be able to wear shoes again. It’s not easy, I’m sorry. 00:21 COMM: 26-year-old Jeffrey Ortega has a condition called proteus syndrome, which affects only two hundred people in the world. It’s character used by overgrowth of…

By Jose Scott January 3, 2020 97

Iscador awesome for Cancer

Hi leda lum apotheca and I want to talk about Iscador for cancer today and how awesome it is. Okedoke so you know um. So i want to tell you about Iscador if you havent heard of it before. This has been used in my family, my grandfather who has liver cancer and a bunch…

By Jose Scott August 23, 2019 4