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Lactate and ketone metabolism in context of brain energetics and lactate shuttle | Peter Attia

when you’re talking about diabetes in the brain being Alzheimer’s, what’s really interesting to me is the fact that neurons are actually mostly using lactate from astrocytes. Astrocytes are glycolytic. The astrocytes are these brain cells in your brain which are using glucose mostly, or using glucose to generate lactate. Lactate then gets shuttled into…

By Jose Scott February 12, 2020 2

Lifestyle factors that affect Alzheimer’s risk for APOE4 carriers | Peter Attia

[Rhonda]: There’s a huge, huge component for lifestyle in risk for Alzheimer’s disease, particularly with having an ApoE4 allele, and that’s where I’ve become obsessed. You know, I’ve been looking at mechanism but also looking at the epi studies. Looking at epidemiology, you see certain lifestyle factors for example, drinking. If you’re drinking in your…

By Jose Scott January 31, 2020 2