Stents Don’t Prevent Heart Attacks (NY Times)

November 10, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

Here’s yet another article in The New
York Times about it, and here’s the title. It says that all heart stents are useless for
most stable patients yet they’re still widely used. Why are so many people
agreeing to an expensive procedure and putting themselves at risk for a placebo
effect? I’ve reported on this before and so has
in The New York Times. This article was covering a couple of the academic
articles that came out recently demonstrating that stents don’t prevent
heart attack. This is the New England Journal. It’s the COURAGE trial, again
showing the stents don’t prevent heart attack. This is The Lancet journal
article, ORBITA. And the ORBITA trials showed that they don’t really cure
angina either. So what do they do? They do work very well when they’re used to
unclog a blockage during a heart attack event. Only 10% of stents are placed for
that reason. The rest of them are placed to prevent a heart attack. Again, the
COURAGE trial shows that didn’t work or to help with angina and the ORBITA
trial shows that that really didn’t work. Now, I’ve had feedback from patients
saying, “I had one, and it worked.” I’m not arguing that point. I’m just saying if
you haven’t had one and your considering one, think twice. Now, what’s the best way
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