– Quadriplegic Girl Picking Items Up Off The Floor – Quadriplegic Girl Picking Items Up Off The Floor

September 17, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

Hi. I am a C6 quad and I’m going to
demonstrate how I pick something up off the ground So whatever side is stronger I was suggest that you use just because it’s easier So the first thing whatever is on the
ground is Next to you. Pull up with the stronger side just like this And then lock your brakes. I normally hook my opposite hand around the handle of my chair just so that It allows me to hold on to something
without losing my balance I then reach down and use my wheel As something to push up against And then slide whatever it is across the ground to the bottom of my wheel And then I hook it with my hand and then I come back up like this Using my opposite hand to help pull me up For more videos like this check out