My Oil Control Skincare Routine (AM) || Dehydrated Oily Acne Prone Skin || Ingredient Focused

October 9, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

Hi everyone! It’s Anh here. Today I want to share with you my oil control skincare routine that I use in the AM. And although I will share with you the product I’m using, It’s not a product-based video. I will try my best to explain to you what ingredients I look for in my products, and how I use them. So let’s get right into it! I’m fresh out of the shower, and starting
with washing my face. Oily skin is often dehydrated with a damaged
skin barrier. A harsh cleanser is usually the culprit for
that condition. I highly recommend you use a gentle, low pH
cleanser that does not give you that squeaky clean feeling, but can still wash your face
properly. The face wash I’m using from Krave Beauty
contains hemp seed oil, which is high in amino acids and linoleic acid for hydration. It also has antibacterial property to calm
inflammation for those with troubled skin. The cleansing agents in this face wash are
also more gentle than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is in most cleansers these days. Panthenol or Vitamin B5 is well known for
its ability to repair the skin barrier, and Sodium PCA is a natural moisturizing factor
that is naturally in our skin to help maintain a healthy epidermis. Last but not least, matcha, or green tea is
rich in polyphenols that help slow down the aging process, protect against sun damage,
and help flush your skin of free radicals. I do enjoy this face wash a lot, especially
when my skin is inflamed and vulnerable. This brand is not available outside of the
US and South Korea. So, I will have some of my other favorites
in the description box as well. Do check them out! Remember all the good stuff about green tea
I just told you? I splash my face with diluted green tea about
twice a week, or whenever I have extra time to pamper myself. I also find that my skin is more balanced
and less oily whenever I do this step. Just pat dry when you finish. By the way, I don’t believe in toner, because
the purpose of them is to remove your cleanser, balance your skin’s pH level, and make sure
your face is completely clean. A good cleanser will not require that. Have you heard of the Korean seven skin method? It’s simply patting a hydrating lotion onto
your skin seven times. I have heard so many people say that this
method saves their dehydrated skin. For me personally, two to three layers are
enough. And I also don’t have that kind of patience. This product is so rich in snail filtrate
that it is named after the ingredient. Snail filtrate is praised to be able to hydrate,
smooth, and fight against signs of aging and sun damage, since it is made up of proteins,
hyaluronic acid, elastin, antimicrobials, peptides, and antioxidants. The next star ingredient is, you guess it,
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water or green tea. Do you see a theme in my skincare routine? Let me introduce you to my favorite ingredient
ever. Niacinamide or vitamin B3! It is a star ingredient in a lot of skincare
products, and for good reasons. It has the ability to hydrate the skin, regulate
oil production, even skin tone, brighten pigmentation, and even minimize lines and wrinkles. I hope I’m not forgetting anything because
niacinamide really can do everything. This lotion also has Vitamin B5 and Allantoin
to repair the skin barrier and promote wound-healing. A number of other humectants can also be found
quite high up in the ingredient list. Let’s hydrate the skin even more. I’m using the oil control booster from Hylamide. Four to five drops should be enough for the
whole face. I spread the product evenly then pat it into
my skin until it’s fully absorbed. Hylamide Pore Control does not dry out the
skin like traditional pore and oil control products. It hydrates the skin with a number of humectants, and keeps the hydration in place with silicones. Niacinamide is the second ingredient listed. Therefore, this serum is also a great source
of vitamin B3 if you are obsessed with the ingredient like I do. Last but not least, Allantoin is also present
to sooth the skin, calm inflammation, and stimulate cell growth. Since we oily skin are often acne prone as
well. There is alcohol in this serum, but at such
low concentration, I wouldn’t worry about it at all. To make sure that my skin’s water content
remains high throughout the day, I use Cosrx honey overnight mask. I put an even amount of product on my face
and neck. It is marketed as a mask or cream but the
texture is thin enough that I use it as my daily moisturizer with no problem. The star ingredient is propolis extract, a
rich source of antioxidants that can protect the skin from free-radicals, environmental
pollution, and acne-causing bacteria. It’s the perfect occlusive to lock in the
hydration I’ve worked so hard for. The second and third ingredients are two well-studied
humectants (Butylene Glycol, Glycerin). Hyaluronic acid is also present in the form
of Sodium Hyaluronate. It also has Allantoin and Panthenol. Overall this is a well-rounded moisturizer
for those who don’t like to layer skincare. I wear it alone sometimes and it’s okay
but it doesn’t keep me grease free for as long as I want. Sunscreen is the most important step in any
skincare routine. I use a generous amount for my face. The texture is really runny. This is a sunscreen that I haven’t been
able to replace after so many years of effort. It is so difficult to find a mineral sunscreen
with such a beautiful watery texture, without a drying alcohol right up the ingredient list. Although the sunscreen is very watery, It maintains a glowy finish after many hours. It’s also a great primer under makeup, probably
thanks to the amount of silicones in the formula, yet it does not feel like a silicone-based
product at all. I’m not a chemist, but this is definitely
magique. Why is it great for oily skin, you may ask? It contains 2% of Zinc Oxide, which is an
UV filter. And Zinc is proven to be able to regulate
oil production with long-term usage. I only have it in one product because I reapply
my sunscreen frequently during the day anyway. I rub any excess product on my fingers, then
pat my skin one more time to make sure I’m fully protected. Do not forget to take care of your lips. If you want to learn more about lip care,
I have a whole video for it. Check it out! I pat a thin layer of sunscreen on my lips
to finish my morning skincare routine. And that’s it! I hope this video was helpful for you. And before you leave, don’t forget to click like, share, and subscribe to my channel. I make new videos every single week. Thank you so much for watching, and good bye!