Mom forces to work out Part. 2 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.09.02]

September 11, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

Is she allowed to rest if she gets sick or has plans? I’m mindful of her condition. If she’s not in good condition, I let her rest that day. Or just make her do some light stretching. I don’t think your daughter agrees. Tell us. I caught the influenza B virus this June. I was asleep in bed… “Wake up.” She pinched my belly fat. “Look! This is all fat!” She said that. “I do 1,000 sit-ups before bed, so you should do at least 100.” She seems addicted to exercising. I think so too. She always has a pastry on the way to the hospital. As she’s eating she says, “I have to lose weight. Gosh, I really should exercise.” Then just exercise, you crazy girl. (What a surprise) (She even cusses because of exercising) “Crazy girl.” It sounded so casual. She sounds kind of harsh. She swears a lot. That’s why I can never beat her in an argument. Let’s say I’m eating something. She says, “You pig, stop eating already.” I say, “Don’t call me a pig.” Then she says, “Then what else am I supposed to call a pig?” That’s what she says! I don’t mean those things. I was just joking. “Give me a break, you crazy girl. What else am I supposed to call a pig? A pig isn’t human. Why don’t you get a big bowl of water and stick your face in it? Just die. Why bother living?” – Things like that. / – That’s harsh… That sounded so scary, ma’am. (What can I say to that?) – You train people at a gym, right? / – Yes. – Do you cuss at them too? / – No. All the gym members liked me. But those people are signing up and paying money to be trained by you. They want to be trained by you. But not in your case. Not for her. Right? Did you sign up to be trained? The gym members want training. I just wanted to confirm. – She doesn’t want this. / – Right. “I want to be trained by the foul-mouthed trainer!” (The foul-mouthed trainer can get you in shape!) We asked her to show us a few exercises that her mom makes her do. (What kind of exercises does she do?) I have to exercise here too? Stand in the center, ma’am. This way. Hayoung, you should join them. (Strips off her jacket) – Amazing. / – What a nice body. She really takes good care of herself. Her muscles… You can tell she’s worked out a lot. We’ll start with the burpee test. You’re going to keep going for 20 seconds. – You’ll do sets of 5. / – Darn it… I don’t want to… Oops. (I will show you what real exercising is) Ready, go. Plank. Oh, this! This is a burpee. I hate doing stuff like this. Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! – How many seconds left? / – 5 seconds left! – Stop! / – Hayoung is about to pass out! (Already sweaty) – Has it been 10 seconds? / – Yes. (Starting again after 10 seconds) You’re going to do those again? Go. 1, 2… (Squats from hell) My gosh… 20 seconds! It’s tiring! Time’s up! What did Hayoung do to deserve this? Are you okay, Hayoung? – Yes… I am… / – Are you okay? We’ll do jump squats now. This is really tiring. Go! – That isn’t easy… / – 2… The mom’s form is always on point. – She jumps so lightly. / – She’s amazing. 10 seconds left! Hayoung is about to die! She’s moaning. One second! Time’s up! Good work. (Automatic applause) You know… Someone that’s forced, someone that enjoys it and someone that joined in. Three types of people. – You could really see a difference. / – Yes, yes. How was it? You were somehow included. How was it? I bet you’re exhausted. Yes, that was a lot harder than dance practice. So was that only a little taste of what you do? We didn’t even finish one set. I do this for 20 minutes. You don’t enjoy this and you’re being forced. Doesn’t it affect your body? I went to a hospital because I kept getting dizzy. You had dizziness. The doctor said I had orthostatic hypotension. You suddenly feel dizzy. From doing too many squats? And extreme diets aren’t good for you. I was told to stop. But my mom only let me rest for a month and after a month… Oh, dear… (How could you do that when she’s sick?) The younger brothers are here. Let’s meet them. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Do you think your sister has it hard? My mom is too hard on her. Sometimes I go with my sister to the gym. Sometimes she exercises until the place closes. My sister told my mom that she didn’t want to, but my mom said she’d kick her out of the family. – She said that in front of you boys? / – Yes. – Your mom did? / – Yes. Does your mom ever tell you to work out? She tells me to put on more weight. I’m pretty skinny for my height. “If you don’t gain 5kg in a month, you’re out of the family too.” – She says she’ll kick you out of the family? / – Yes. Or kick me out of the house. Those comments are really hurtful. Really? (Mom, please try to understand us) Let’s meet the adorable youngest brother. Hello! (Hello) – How cute! / – Hi! (Laidback) (How cute) What does your mom say to you? Does she tell you to gain weight? Yes, she tells me to gain… Oops. She tells me to lose weight. This is what she always calls me. Golden pig or muscular pig… A roly-poly flying pig. – She calls me all sorts of pigs. / – How cute. And how does that make you feel? I don’t feel a thing. And I’m cute. You are! You’re adorable! Do you think your mom is struggling because of your sister? My sister works out all the time and it looks tiring, but I don’t go. I don’t exercise. So what are you trying to say? You don’t care that your sister is suffering? Yes! (That traitor) How cute. Who’s that sitting next to your youngest brother? That’s my mom’s boyfriend. He’s the one that got my mom into fitness. How long have they been together? For over 7 years. That’s a long time. This is very nice to see. The fact that you’re here as her friend… That’s so cool. He’s not a friend. He’s her boyfriend. I’ve never had one before. (Self-destruct) (Hang in there) I guess you must be on the mother’s side since you exercise too. I understand her. I’m the one that got her to work out with me. She became really strong-minded after exercising. I used to have to lead her, but now I feel like I’m being dragged along. Exercising must’ve really improved your life. Yes, it gave me confidence. And it made me much healthier. She was so determined to exercise that I couldn’t stop her. I have a lot of stories to tell about her exercising. For example, what? She saw this foreign show where this girl crushed a watermelon between her legs. – A watermelon? / – After she saw that, she asked if I had a watermelon in my fridge. Of course I didn’t have a watermelon. So she told me to put my head between her legs. (His head instead of a watermelon) (This is getting really interesting) So I put my head between her legs and it hurt so much like my head was about to explode. I had to tap out! I think that’s why my head ended up like this. From being squeezed too hard. If you look at my head, it looks smashed. I think that’s when it happened. – That’s so funny! / – My gosh… Her boyfriend is quite the talker. (I’m in tears) She’s a tough cookie. So I feel bad for Hajin. She has to go to school, she works a part-time job, she takes care of her siblings… That’s a lot to do. I told my girlfriend that it’s too much. And it’s something that most people can’t do. Training like a Navy SEAL… It’s just too much. – Special forces. / – I tried talking to her. But she insists her daughter is capable. If you watch the drama “Sky Castle,” they push their kids to become a lawyer or doctor… What did you think when you saw that? Seeing things like that made me angry. Just let the kids do what they want. – That’s what I mean! / – So you know! That’s it! Right now, exercising isn’t the issue. It’s that you don’t give her a choice. It’s not like she’s your property. You’re her guardian. She can’t make decisions for her daughter. Especially now since she’s an adult. She doesn’t own her! So you need to let her decide. She could even start liking it over time. You need to speak your mind now. In a loud voice. Mom… I don’t want to compete. Please just let me live my life. I really don’t want to compete. I really don’t want to compete this September. Is it just September or do you want to quit for good? I’d like to compete when I feel like it. I’ve told her that once. Let’s exercise. (Shocked) She says she doesn’t want to compete this time. Then… If you compete this September, I’ll leave you alone after that. She’s trying to make a deal! No, not that. She’s not going to follow through. Don’t agree to that. You can’t make a compromise now. This is your decision! – You make the choice. / – It’s your choice! Can you block my mom? I’m too scared to say it! Just say it. You’ll see your mom all the time. Did your mom change from being here? Her nickname is Stud, right? – Stub. / – Stub. Stud… ♪ Stud, stud, studly ♪ Yay! Just be firm with her. Don’t be so afraid of your mom. I don’t want to compete. I’m not going to. It’s not that she wants to stop exercising. She just doesn’t want to compete. Will you allow that? I’m not saying she should compete her entire life. She’s still young. I want to see how far she can get. (Failed to get through to her) As I said, you need a goal when you exercise. But she has no willpower. Why does she need willpower? She doesn’t think she needs it. Maybe some people really enjoy that experience. But living a simple life is fine too. She doesn’t need willpower. She doesn’t want to compete. Do you want willpower? – No. / – You don’t? Why do you keep saying she needs willpower? You feel the proudest when people accept you for who you are. That’s what really boosts your pride. I think the mother gets the point now. Is this a concern? I say it’s a concern. I also say it’s a concern. Oh… Yes… It’s a concern. Encourage your daughter to find her own path. That’s the best way you can love her. I also think it’s a concern. Alright, if you all think this is a concern, press the button! (What do the people think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time’s up! Let’s see the results. “The Terrifying Woman.” Show us the votes! How many? 171 votes! (171 votes)