Kim saved $2000 per month and avoided insulin pump

January 13, 2020 0 By Jose Scott

I developed diabetes–
or at least, I was diagnosed with
diabetes in 2000. They kept telling me I
was insulin-resistant. And it got so bad that I
couldn’t keep it under control, that I was on U500 insulin,
which is five times stronger– I think, is how they
explained it to me. A lot of the experimental drugs
I took were $200, $300 a month as well. So I was easily $2,000 a month. My endocrinologist
suggested that it was time to get an insulin pump. I had to be something better
than pumping a constant stream of insulin in me. My A1c– I believe–
in October– just before I
started the program– was 10.2. I had dropped down
into 5 point something by February, that’s
just a few months. I go to a heart
specialist once a year, and he was leery at first. And we cut my medication
in half there. He actually said,
you’re doing good. Let’s cut that down. My kidney guy has
pulled out all the pills that he was giving me. My insulin supply
is pretty much gone. I’m never hungry,
really and truly. Well, some of this is
losing weight, obviously. I move much freer. I sleep better. The results are so positive
that it doesn’t make any sense to step backwards. [MUSIC PLAYING]