Improve your  insulin sensitivity by boosting adiponectin levels

Improve your insulin sensitivity by boosting adiponectin levels

January 12, 2020 1 By Jose Scott

Generally speaking in metabolic syndrome – there
is TOO MUCH of everything. There is TOO much insulin, TOO much leptin and TOO many pro-inflammatory
markers. You get the picture. Now, sometimes the TOO much of one thing, tanks something
else, because metabolically speaking the chemicals are dependent on one another. This is particularly
a problem with TOO MUCH INSULIN. In fact, TOO MUCH INSULIN, causes cells to stop listening
to insulin – this situation is described as INSULIN RESISTANCE. Now one chemical we’re
expecting TOO MUCH OF in metabolic syndrome is adiponectin. It’s an adipokine, which
means fat cells make it. And anytime you’ve got lots of fat cells, well adipokine production
should be humming. But adiponectin bucks the trend. And this is unfortunate, because adiponectin’s
claim to fame – it makes you insulin sensitive. Yup – there is a chemical that campaigns
for insulin, encouraging cells to respond to his badgering. And you guessed it, when
you’re insulin resistant, and could do with a little help, adiponectin is thin on the
ground. Ouch ! Interestingly enough, in a type 1 diabetic, adiponectin levels are on
the high side. This makes sense. When there are lots of insulin molecules on the ground,
well insulin doesn’t NEED adiponectin drumming up support. Insulin has all the bases covered.
But the situation changes, when insulin is “missing” in action. Having adiponectin
work alongside insulin, ensures the job of putting away the groceries, get’s done.
Now what doesn’t makes sense is, the chief source of adiponectin is FAT TISSSUE. Now
people with metabolic problems ARE typically NOT SHORT on fat cells – they’ve got more
than enough. But, they are short on adiponectin. This is known as the adiponectin paradox.
And adiponectin shortages are linked with insulin resistance. Eish ! What is going on
? Well a team of researchers have been trying to figure it out, because persuading adipocytes
to produce MORE adiponectin, could be rather helpful, in someone who is insulin resistant.
They discovered something rather surprising. The fat cells pumping out adiponectin, are
NOT the ones associated with BIG BELLIES. Join us for this week’s episode of BETTER
BODY CHEMISTRY TV, to discover the secret stash of fat cells that are responsible for
adiponectin production. Better Body Chemistry TV is brought to you by Dr Sandy – a scientist
turned gremlin buster, HELPING YOU, battle sugar gremlins, heffa-lumps & other health
horribles, through BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. Remember, small things can make a big difference
to your health. So where are these special fat cells found ? Well they’re actually
found in your bone. Bet you didn’t realize, bone had fat tissue ? Actually 70 % of the
space in your bone is made of fat tissue. You have approx. 2 kg of the stuff. It even
has a special name, called MAT, which stands for marrow adipose tissue. Now, if you’re
carrying extra fat elsewhere on your body, odds are, you’re also carrying extra fat
in your bones, so .you shouldn’t be short of adiponectin. Unfortunately “fat” bones,
aren’t necessarily healthy bones. Scientists suspect the fat in the bones, is not actually
marrow fat, but regular fat, that has moved in. This is what happens in your liver and
pancreas. What they do know is when it comes to adiponectin , MAT IS A PLAYER ! Around
about now, I am sure you’re thinking – how do I get my MAT cells to come to the party.
At this stage, there is no easy answer – not much is known about MAT. Accessing MAT is
a NIGHTMARE ! What is known, is the one group of peeps, who have adiponectin levels in the
stratosphere, are people suffering from anorexia. It seems, serious calorie restriction, causes
MAT expansion and adiponectin levels come along for the ride. So…………….. starving
is one way to boost MAT fat levels ? But this is not particularly appealing – so is there
a plan B ? Well since calorie restriction, is synonymous with low insulin levels – the
recipe for more adiponectin, is less insulin. So step one in your quest for more adiponectin,
work at keeping your insulin levels in check ! If you want some help, download the willpower
report – you can find the link in the description below. But, there is more to the adiponectin
story. If bone marrow fat cells are responsible for churning out adiponectin, want happy healthy
bones, as well. So what do bones like ? Well your first thought might be calcium. After
all, they’re made of the stuff, supplying adequate calcium, should make them stronger.
ON the OUTSIDE, but the marrow cells are tucked INSIDE the bone. For them, happiness starts
with happy hour – they like drinking, not booze, but blood. Get active, this will go
a long way to make you MAT cells feel good. And when your MAT cells feel good, you’re
more likely to be MORE insulin sensitive and have BETTER BODY CHEMISRY and BETTER HEALTH.
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