How Zein manages type 1 diabetes with low-carb

October 9, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

We were on a family holiday and I was thinking,
“Well, how did I get to this point? “How am I now at 14 stone with diabetes, with painful heels that felt
like I was walking on stones?” And I was at a real low point;
I thought I just can’t go on. My name is Zein Gajraj
and I am a personal trainer from Surrey, and I am age 49, 50 in August. I started actually developing
the symptoms of diabetes, but I didn’t actually recognize
the connection because, you know,
it was far from my mind. From some research that I had been
following up on Diet Doctor, I found that the best way and the simplest
way was to go to a low carbohydrate diet. This is the first time
that I was actually seeing results, when I embraced, you know, when I started
my low carb-way of eating. You will lose the weight in a natural way by eating real food and feeling energized and just transforming yourself,
transforming your health. It’s really important to feel
you are eating real, fresh food that’s actually nourishing your body,
energizing you, stabilizing your blood sugar. And if you are struggling with weight loss,
which I did for many years, the key is to set a hormonal environment where you are going to be able to lose
weight in a natural way, and that should keep that weight off. You do that through stabilizing your insulin. You want to keep your insulin level low
and you want to keep it stable. You see, if people exercising at the gym and
they might have some carbohydrate before and then they’re bur– they’re using
that carbohydrate for energy. But when you eat natural foods and you
keep your insulin level low and stabilized you will utilize your stored energy
in your body for that exercise as well. So, I’ve now qualified as a personal trainer, and what I’d like to do
to help people with type 1 and type 2 is guide them through the low-carb
nutritional approach. And I’m actually hoping to give people
with diabetes the nutritional coaching, and if they would like an exercise program
that will help them with their general fitness, combine that as well,
so that’s quite exciting. And I’m looking forward to that.