How to kick the Sugar Addiction

November 9, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

Are you addicted to sugar you’re not the only one question is? How do you break free? If there’s one thing in nutrition everybody agrees with its we eat too much sugar refined carbohydrates They’re everywhere white table sugar, obviously But also added sugar in every processed product at the store from cookies to tomato paste To yogurt to soda to even sell it dressing yikes that’s why it’s so hard to avoid but It can’t be done many people are able to cut back on refined sugar and even eliminate it completely I did it over the last few years. I eliminated a hundred percent of refined carbohydrates from my diet. Okay, 99 percent So let’s take a look at what experts advise to kick that sugar habit And after that I’ll weigh in as well with what worked for me to make that transition. Alright, let’s go the first big idea is contextual triggers the places where you’re normally binge are gonna be environmental cues that are gonna fire your brain and Push you to eat junk again if they’re places You don’t have to go to like a specific bakery or something Avoid them across the street avoid that Street take a detour Do whatever you got to do at least in the initial stage while you’re building a new habit now if it’s your home you need To establish a safe zone. Well circle back to this in a minute. Number two is mirror neurons We’re social animals what we see others do influences us whether we like it or not You want to put yourself in environments where the norm is healthy eating where food is a plus not a crutch This is crucial. It doesn’t matter how much new information you absorb if you’re mirror Neurons are just screaming. Everybody’s binge eating you should do it. That’s a losing battle It’s less about knowing what to do and more about doing what we already know So at least in the beginning while you’re building a new habit Your social circle is gonna be a huge determinant of how your brain operates even an online Community can be great support as long as it’s not cupcakes Galore calm Just the thought that there are other people out there fighting the same battle makes it easier so find a like-minded tribe Social circles are a great segue into the third idea Isolation according to experts food binging is a habit that often happens when we’re alone There’s often shame and some negative mental dialog that goes along with it so try to stay occupied with healthy activities that make you feel alive and vibrant sports a challenging hobby an interesting class and again, If you’re doing it with others who share a healthy lifestyle that’s a double whammy over eating sugary foods gives us a jolt of dopamine and some momentary pleasure and It distracts us from the negative emotions. That’s why our brain pushes us to do it when we’re alone or when something’s not right So when you sense the isolation, maybe the loneliness the negative thoughts starting to come you need to break the mental pattern. Ah What the hell? Get out of the house and do something uplifting call Somebody a beat go for a run surround yourself with positive triggers This brings us to another thing experts emphasize for some of us The sugar binging is a way to cope with traumatic events from the past maybe childhood So food becomes the refuge now if that’s the case You have to address the underlying cause scratching the surface is not gonna cut it It’s too much of an uphill battle get competent professional help if you need That root cause needs to be resolved before you can address the simpler day-to-day things like the habits and the triggers All right. Now here are some other things I noticed going through this that helped me a ton. Of course We’re not all the same you may have difficulties that I didn’t have and vice-versa but at the same time We’re all human and chances are I had to overcome some hurls that a lot of other people will face as well So the main thing for me by far was availability I realized that if I can organize my shopping and not buy it at the store If I don’t have the junk food at home, I never eat it. My home becomes a safe zone. It’s so simple It sounds dumb right But it made all the difference If I have to get dressed leave the house and go buy it on purpose. I can resist doing all that But if it’s lying around the house Sooner or later, I’m gonna eat it. It’s like the classic Oscar Wilde quote. I can resist anything Except temptation so the key is not to try to resist temptation all the time The key is to eliminate it make a shopping list on your phone and stick to it Don’t even go into those problem aisles. You know what I’m talking about the snack aisle the candy aisle That’s the gates of hell. I also realized if I use the self-checkout you’re not surrounded by all those impulse buys You know those walls of junk trying to trip you on your way out They put those boxes so high and so close to your face It’s like that movie bird box where if you look at it You get possessed the box that are like right here and you’re like, I don’t see it. Why won’t the light move god? dammit another thing every lives overtime is how important it is to build a repertoire of Healthy snacks that you actually like fresh fruit You have to react ustym your taste buds to relishing the natural sweetness of a peach pineapple mangoes Keep some sliced fruit in the fridge. That’s my go-to snack It may sound like you won’t scratch that itch as much as the candy or the ice cream But it’ll keep your mind and your tastebuds distracted while you build a new habit instead of just trying to say no no no all the time which Eventually will backfire. I recently found that frozen strawberries kind of feel like ice cream I keep some in the freezer when I want something sweet I grab one by the time I’m done this the craving satiated and instead of refined sugar I’m feasting on antioxidants another good one steamed sweet potato, really soft and warm with some cinnamon on top Love it. Another good one is a spoon of nut butter almond or peanut Ideally the peanut only kind not the artificial version with like a thousand ingredients or a couple walnuts or almonds They’re pretty satiating and they’re high in polyunsaturated fats like Ala S Which is the healthiest kind dates are good too here and there I mean that the type you eat not the going out on it You know what? I mean in general you really want to focus on Whole Foods We’re used to eating all this processed stuff out of a package So the natural logic is I’ll just look for a similar package with less sugar in it. That’s a trap It’s still processed junk. They just changed the recipe a little bit at the factory These foods have too many calories and not enough nutrition. They’re made to keep you coming back the food scientists call it craveability They’re created in labs to have the right mix of sugar fat salt and crunchiness to hook your brain So we want to avoid them altogether and replace them as much as possible with natural fruits and vegetables Another common trap is people trying to go from white sugar to another sweetener It’s easier but it’s not a long-term solution and you want to Reeducate your palate to the natural sweetness and the taste of whole foods you want to be especially careful with soda It’s really easy to over consume calories in a drink and even if it’s zero calories It’s still getting you hooked on that artificial sweetness that blunts your taste to actual food. Okay, what about moderation? It’s okay to have this stuff once in a while, right? Birthday party Christmas Eve. It really depends. You have to know yourself Some people can do the moderation thing and not throw it all the way though I know if I eat something with some refined sugar once in a while, it’s not going to derail me The habit is too strong by now other people can’t play with fire and they know it It just sends them into a down spiral If that’s you you’ve got to protect yourself and those foods are just not for you now I made an infographic with all the advice in this video that was compiled from several experts in this area all in the small image for quick reference The link is below you can put the image on your phone or your desktop or your fridge door. Whatever helps So what do you think? Have you tried some of these strategies? Do they work? Did they fail and more importantly? Did you find some other tricks that work well for you? 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