How Do I Take It? – R&R™ – Rest And Recovery Sleep Support

January 14, 2020 0 By Jose Scott

– Here are the top five questions we get regarding driven Driven Nutrition’s R&R. Number one, how much should I take? One full serving of R&R is three capsules. However, I recommend
testing your tolerance with this by starting with two capsules. If you find that hit
REM sleep and stay there and have a great night’s
sleep, that’s perfect. However, if you’re finding
that you need more relaxants, go ahead and bump it up to a full serving which is three capsules. Number two, when should I take R&R? It’s best to take R&R 20 to 30 minutes before you go to sleep. This allows the ingredients
to start taking effect and help have that calming effect. Also, since you are getting this to get a good restful night’s sleep, we recommend turning off your TV, as well as your electronic device and allow your mind to
power down a little bit for the night. Number three, how should I take R&R? There is no need to take R&R with food as you’re not going to
get an upset stomach. It’s capsule servings,
so just take the pills. Chase it down with water. Number four, should I cycle on and off? Absolutely not, there’s
nothing in the product that would require you to stop taking it. It’s something that you can
take every single night. Number five, what happens if I skip? You may find you’ll be
a little bit more tired throughout the day because
you did have REM sleep and stay there quite as well. There is no need to up your
dose for the next night. Just go to bed, take your full dose, and get an amazing night’s sleep. Hopefully these five questions
have answered the majority of questions you have about R&R. However, if you have additional questions head to or click the message us link below and we’ll be happy to answer
those questions for you. (upbeat jingle)