Herbal Home Remedy for HIV AIDS

January 12, 2020 0 By Jose Scott

Hello Friends, this is Lakhaipuri today again present with new video You will know about how to cure HIV /AIDS in today’s video So lets come to know useful Ayurvedic combination for HIV AIDS Classical Ayurvedic combination useful of Aids- Dear friends we all know that AIDS is the universal killer disease and suffering people dies painfully People says that there is any treatment of this but some people get rid of this and this is also true Ayurvedic or herbal medicine can be useful for this so why not use it and try once? You will know here combination of Ayurvedic medicines which can cure this disease AIDSHAR YOG- For this you need several classical ayurvedic medicines which are these- Muktapanchamrit Ras- 20 gm, Ras Sindur- 10 gm Abhrak Bhasma – 10 gm, Swarna Bhasma -3 gram Manikya Pishti- 3gm, Raupya Bhasma- 3 gram Praval Bhasma – 3 gm, Shilajitwadi Lauh- 10 gm Vanshlochan(Bamboo Silica)- 10 gm and Amritarishta, Shatavar(Asparagus racemosus) and Bala Mool(Sida Cordifolia) As you can see through pictures this is Mukta Panchamrit Ras Ras Sindur Abhrak Bhasma Swarna Bhasma Manikya Pishti(this is manikya) Raupya Bhasma Praval Bhasma Shilajitwadi Lauh Vanshlochan or Tabasheer Shatavar Bala Mool Amrita Rishta Method or Preparation- Firstly make fine powder of Ras Sindur and then make powder of Vanshlochan after that mix all bhasma and pishti and mix properly Then process ‘Bhavna’ of Shatavar and Bala mool 3 times each Your medicine is ready Dosage and usage- take this ready medicine 125-250 mg twice daily with two spoon honey and one spoon Ghee and after food take ‘Amritarishta’ 2 spoon thrice daily Test HIV percentage every month during taking medicine If there is any benefit in 2-3 months then it can cure HIV Aids and you can get rid of it Due titere test of HIV and Value of cd4 and cd 8 and deduction of HIV virus in blood are the signs of benefits experienced physician can explain you Benefits- The medicine which introduced to you today is to useful for increasing immunity power and reduces the number of HIV virus and also reduce OD ratio of HIV Duo Titere so why not use it few days and see the result For your info Mukta panchamrit ras, ras sindur, abhrak bhasma, swarna bhasma, manikya pishti Raupya bhasma, praval bhasma, shilajitwadi lauh and Amrita rishta can be found from Ayurvedic medical store and vanshlochan, shatavar and bala mool can be found from herb seller store you can understand through pictures HOW TO PROCESS ‘BHAVNA’? As told previously that need to process ‘bhavna’ of shatavar and bala mool 3 times to do this you need any one of shatavar and bala mool cursh them and boil in water and make concentrated syrup and after filtering mix this liquid in that combination and after mixing properly dry in sun this is one ‘Bhavna’ do it three times of each herb Bhavna process is the vital part of Ayurvedic medicine production, it increases the effect of medicine If you have any question or concern then please ask through comment. Please like ans share this video and SUBSCRIBE for new videos. Thank you