Hempvana Arthritis Gloves –  Do they work?

Hempvana Arthritis Gloves – Do they work?

January 14, 2020 2 By Jose Scott

hey welcome hands gone wild.
I’m Mandy today we’re gonna be talking about Hempvana Arthritis Gloves targeted for hand pain… so let’s get started! the gloves claim that they’re good for hobbies
touchscreens and opening jars.. I don’t know what hobbies your gonna be doing in
these but I do use them at work which is really nice
I’m able to use my hands using the keyboard there’s not a whole lot of
fabric in between the fingers so I’m still able to move them around really
well. ” touch screens” open fingers make for
great use of touching screens “opening jars” this glove did not help me open jars very well I don’t know if you can see this but the palms don’t have
any kind of grip on them they’re 100% well not 100%, they’re [made from] cotton spandex and
cannabis fibers there’s no gripping anywhere on the
palms… so I didn’t have a whole lot of luck with that
I actually had to take them off to open jars just because I felt like it was
slipping so much. these gloves come in two sizes to select a size you put your
hand on the box and if it’s within the green then you’re a small /medium and if
you’re over it you’re a large/ extra-large. they’re comfortable I feel
like they’re true to size and if I got any bigger it would be way too big and these are
the perfect size for me. one thing that I really loved about these gloves is that
I’m able to wear them all day and all night while I’m at work and also while
I sleep they don’t get too hot and my hands don’t sweat in them and they’re
also not too too tight they’re just a perfect amount of pressure on your hands.
it’s just a nice hand hug. so that’s it for the Hempvana gloves. if you’re interested I’ll put the link down below and if you have any questions or
comments let me know and I’ll make sure to ask around subscribe to the channel
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