Excellence in Hypertension Research Awardee Allyn R  Mark, MD

Excellence in Hypertension Research Awardee Allyn R Mark, MD

November 1, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

(light pulsating music) – Well, good afternoon and welcome to the 2017 Hypertension Scientific Sessions. With me today, we’re honored
to have Dr. Allyn Mark from the University
Iowa School of Medicine. Dr. Mark is receiving the Excellence Award for
Hypertension Research, which is the highest award given to a hypertension research investigator. Well, Allyn, congratulations– – Thank you.
– Can you tell us a little bit how the Council has influenced
your career in research? – I’m sure, like you, the Council has been my scientific home in the
American Heart Association throughout my career. I was priviliged as a
young trainee in a faculty to be interacting with
the giants of that age in hypertension research,
and then, subsequently, to interact with a
number of young trainees. The American Heart
Association, the Council, have been invaluable in
my scientific career. – Well, Allyn, tell us a
little bit about your research. – I began with an interest
in evaluating the role of the brain and the
sympathetic nervous system in hypertension both in
experimental animals and in humans, and was able to demonstrate
early in my career that the Dahl salt-sensitive
hypertensive rat, which had been thought to be
the related almost entirely to the kidney, had a strong
neurogenic component. And then as my career progressed,
I went to Uppsala, Sweden and learned a technique, microneurography, for performing sympathetic
nerve recordings in humans and was able to extend those observations to human hypertension and, particularly in the last 20 years of my career, to obesity-induced hypertension. – Well, you’ve made
significant achievements in your research, and we congratulate you for this most distinguished award. And We look forward to presenting you the award this evening. – Thank you very much. (light pulsating music)