Empowering People with Diabetes to Maintain Mobility

December 15, 2019 0 By Jose Scott

Orpyx was founded out of a desire to
better manage diabetes and to help people with diabetes better manage their feet. Most people with diabetes will actually
lose feeling in their feet over time, a condition known as peripheral neuropathy or neuropathy and if they’re unable to sense the floor beneath them, they’re
unable to sense when they should be changing their behavior or moving
pressures differently on their feet. So the idea behind Orpyx was to create
sensor based technologies, wearable sensor based technologies and in this
instance an insole system that could sense and provide activity-based
feedback and guidance so that people could be empowered to know what’s going on underfoot, to prevent these complications from happening in the
first place and to really take control over the care of their diabetes. So this
insole looks just like a traditional diabetic insole it’s made custom to
someone’s foot and what’s different from what you would traditionally see with a
diabetic insole is that it’s completely filled with sensors. So we’re able to
track pressure, temperature, movement overtime and with that all of that data is
collected to provide meaningful feedback to patients to help them to guide
themselves throughout the day, guide their activity to stop complications
from happening in the first place and then we’re able to take that data and
then send that to a care provider who’s overseeing the care of that patient so
they can interact remotely with that individual and help them on an ongoing
basis with ensuring that their feet are healthy and that they’re not
developing these wounds or complications that in many instances would lead to the
need for amputation. I think the digital healthcare is very exciting because it
provides us the ability and availability to create tools where you can measure,
track, monitor in the real world and not require that all healthcare is happening
within the walls of a hospital or a doctor’s office. We can start to look at
this holistic view of healthcare where we’re practicing at every single
day and we’re doing the best job we can of taking care of people in their homes
in the real world to allow them to live the most fulfilling lives and maintain
the mobility as as long as they can.